Friday 28 December 2012

Paint your Dragon!

Hi folks, thanks for visiting! 

Papercrafting has been taking a back seat lately while I've been working on some altered bottle projects for the Evil Elixir Mixer workshop.  The pictures (above) show the early stages of my second project.  The bottle had mineral water in it - I love that teardrop shape - and has been sanded (with a Dremel - or I'd still be working away with the wet & dry paper!) and had texture medium applied.
The dragon is made from Epoxy Putty and based on those designed by Christi Friesen whose work I admire muchly.
Several coats of paint later, some more epoxy putty,and some embellishments and....

 A bottle of Firewater!


voodoo vixen said...

OMGoodness me... I do love this, it is fabulous!!

Jenny Marples said...

Gasp!!! Keren this is superb!! Can't believe the transformation you've achieved - Andy should award you a prize for using his techniques to such amazing effect. Thank you for missing me:) I hope you have the best year ever ahead. Huge hugs, Jenny x