Monday 7 October 2013

3D Halloween

You might not have noticed but at the end of this month it's Halloween.  Amazing how that's crept up on us, isn't it?    At Haunted Design House the challenge is to make something dimensional for Halloween.  Now, I'm beginning to suspect that I was warped in childhood by walking to and from school through a cemetery.  Seriously.  The secondary school I attended was situated between a churchyard on one side and a cemetery and crematorium on the other.  We always said that the neighbours never complained about the noise.  Come to think of it, my bedroom window looked out over the cemetery...and my office is next to a cemetery as well (not the same one) - a pattern is developing here!  Anyway, I wanted to make something that reminded me of the monuments I walked past every day on my way to school.

When I saw the corked vials from Tim Holtz, they reminded me of the domes that Victorians used to cover displays of wax flowers and so on.  Tim's  were too small for what I had in mind so I went hunting on my favourite auction site for jumbo test tubes and cork stoppers.  While I waited for them to be delivered I painted a cotton reel (previously covered in matte sealer) with Viva Terra paint, tinted with a bit of black acrylic.

I made some tiny lilies and ivy leaves with the Susan Tierney Cockburn dies, found a little skull bead which I'd antiqued with acrylic paints (a technique learned from Andy Skinner).  It all went together with some hot glue (for a quick bond) backed up with some glue gel (for a longer-lasting adhesive).  A bit of Flower Soft around the base of the "pillar" and there we are!  Happy Halloween folks!

Crafty Hugs,



Creepy Glowbugg said...

Perfectly dimensional! I think maybe you are displaying a bit of a cycle with the whole cemetery thing, but just know we don't pass judgement in the dungeon. In fact, I'm sure some of us are quite jealous! Thanks for playing in the dungeon with us at HDH!

DonnaMundinger said...

Love, love, LOVE! I bought some of those vials as well thinking the same thing. Fabulous project and I'm so impressed you even made the teeny flowers and vines. yeah, we ARE pretty jealous of the cemetary thing. thanks for sharing with HDH. xxD

Redanne said...

Hi Keren, I just bought a large version of those domes and love it - very creepy so this is right up my street, what a fantastic make! Hugs, Anne x

I Don't Do Straight said...

Fabulous dimension! and beautifully done. Thanks for sharing with us at Haunted Design House :)

Andrea C said...

Just the coolest little thing. Thanks for sharing with us at HAunted Design House x