Friday 19 August 2011

Faux Books

Another idea borrowed from Craft Stamper !

This is such a cool technique.  The covers of the “book” are made out of a piece of card, 6 inches wide and 11 inches long, creased at 4.5 inches and 6.5  inches.  To make the “pages” of the faux book, you take 2 pieces of paper just under 4.5 inches by 11  and 2 pieces just under 6 inches by 11.  Concertina them (I used the Hougie board to get  the concertina pleats spaced evenly, 1 cm apart.  The fun begins then as you need to interlock the folds (easiest if you do a short side to a long side, then repeat, then put it all together and let it dry. This is fiddly and you need a good glue (I used the Paper Flower Expert glue)

The example in the magazine was covered in pretty paper and stamped with a lovely sentiment.  The first one I made was similar – then I remembered the faux leather technique and thought..wouldn’t a “antique” leather faux book be cool?

The Faux Leather Technique

You need some card to turn into “leather” and some dimensional paint – I used Tulip paint – in a mix of colours of your choice and a roller/brayer. It doesn’t have to be fancy.   If you have a old ink roller that used to be used for lino prints or similar that will work fine.  Be warned – if you are going to use your best Speedball brayer have a bowl of water ready to drop the brayer into as soon as you’ve finished as once the paint dries it’s in place for good and will wreck your brayer, so clean it IMMEDIATELY.  You also need a non-stick craft sheet or something to mix and roll the paint on – I use the lid of an ice-cream container.

Spread dollops of paint onto your craft sheet or whatever you’re using and mix them up.  Once you’re happy with the blend, load your roller and roll the paint onto the card.  Once you’ve got it covered, go over it one last time, rolling in one direction (e.g. away from you or towards you but not both).    The card will have a  texture like fine hide – now clean the roller and leave the card to dry.SONY DSC

The core of the “book” is shirt cardboard.  The “leather” card and the marbled paper  lining give it strength.SONY DSC

I call this one “Coppelia” after the ballet – Coppelia was, I think, a life-sized dancing doll so the clockwork seemed to fit.


Bright Elusive butterfly.    This one was inspired by a Val Doonican song that I had running through my head.