Monday 31 December 2012

My Favourite Thing...

I don't normally revisit my posts, but those nice people at Anything But a Card have set an "Anything Goes/Favourite of 2012" challenge to finish up the year.  So what was my favourite project of 2012?  It has to be my final assemblage for the Timeworn Techniques course - Davy Jones's Locker (or, The Dead Man's Chest).  I'm really glad to have the opportunity to show it again, because I am particularly proud of it!

I learned such a lot from Andy Skinner's course and for the final assemblage I wanted to showcase as many of the techniques as possible.  The effects are mostly achieved with paint plus a few other items and were such fun to do.  (If you want to know how and want to know more then have a peep over at Andy Skinner for his excellent online workshops,  Sorry, but I can't reveal techniques gained from the class, it wouldn't be right or fair on Andy and I would be in breach of copyright.)

The chest is constructed from chipboard which came in boxes of envelopes and is based on a paatern from Laura Denison (I altered the proportions a bit) and the whole thing took me nearly two weeks (on and off) to complete (mainly because I kept thinking of other things to add to it!)  If you want to see more views then the original post is here.

Before I go, I just want to thank you for visiting my blog in 2012 - it's the first year I've really taken the time to share my creations and I appreciate all the lovely comments you've taken the trouble to leave.  Being a bit of a Blog Lurker myself I am always inordinately pleased when someone comments - thank you all.  Especial thanks to those of you who have chosen to follow me.

Anyway, hope you have a happy new year and I'll see you in 2013!

Friday 28 December 2012

Paint your Dragon!

Hi folks, thanks for visiting! 

Papercrafting has been taking a back seat lately while I've been working on some altered bottle projects for the Evil Elixir Mixer workshop.  The pictures (above) show the early stages of my second project.  The bottle had mineral water in it - I love that teardrop shape - and has been sanded (with a Dremel - or I'd still be working away with the wet & dry paper!) and had texture medium applied.
The dragon is made from Epoxy Putty and based on those designed by Christi Friesen whose work I admire muchly.
Several coats of paint later, some more epoxy putty,and some embellishments and....

 A bottle of Firewater!

Wednesday 26 December 2012

WOYWW -26 December

Blimey O'Reilly, is it Wednesday already?  Christmas Day has come and gone (hope yours was as good as mine), my feet are beginning to recover from my being on them all day doing a marathon bake-in (I used to be a primary school teacher and on my feet all day, but I've been a civil servant since 1997 and I'm out of practice!) and I've got a few days off work before the mayhem begins again.  The cat still resents the Christmas tree, though.  It's In The Way Of The View.   And there is nothing that can silently portray resentfulness like a Persian cat.

And here she is trying to disintegrate it with her Laser Vision -

Anyway, if you came here by way of WOYWW, you're interested in my workdesk, so here's a view of my craft space today -

I'm working on a picnic table in front of the TV today!  This began life as a mineral water bottle and is the second of three I'm making for Andy Skinner's altered bottle workshop.  It's nearly finished, just a couple of processes to go.  On the left is my Chrissie Pressie from the Love of My Life - a tablet (Google Nexus, if you're interested!) onto which I am going to save the pdf instruction leaflets.  Cunning plan, eh?

 Okay, now I'm off to have a nosey at some workdesks before going to visit the family as per usual for Boxing Day.  I hope you all have a great day whatever you're up to and that you enjoyed your visit here - you're welcome at any time!

Friday 21 December 2012

Season's greetings!

Season's greetings to all of you from me and Craft Supervisor Mysti!

Thursday 13 December 2012

How long does it take to make an ATC?

Well, in my case, about three weeks.  I signed up for an ATC swap at Haunted Design House and hit the wall, creatively speaking.  The mojo was well and truly on holiday and the position was getting desperate!  How hard can it be to make an ATC, for crying out loud?

And then...inspiration!  I don't know which haunted wing of my mind I dredged this one up from, but here it is....
The stamp I made with my Imagepac, then masked the image and the moon and sponged on Stormy Sky DI with a bit of Black Soot round the edges.  The hat is a bit of clip art.  The sense of humour is all my own.  Sorry 'bout that.

Wednesday 12 December 2012

WOYWW, 12 December

And on my workdesk today is - a right old mess, to be honest.  I'm not lucky enough to have a craft room.  My craft room is also my living room, dining room and everything room.  I have an amazingly tolerant husband so it usually isn't a problem.  However, at this time of year, even I must admit that I can't craft around the deccies so my base of operations (usually spread across desk, desk annexe and desk annexe 2 - the sewing machine cabinet and the dining table respectively) has contracted back to the official craft desk.  Where there isn't room for it.  So, gentle visitors from Julia's blog, I apologise for the state of the place.

Not too sure how I'm going to manage to complete my next bottle for Andy Skinner's workshop but I'm sure I'll think of something..

Tuesday 4 December 2012

Gotta lotta bottle...

Oh my, it's been so busy lately!  I've been involved in a recruitment exercise in work, working at weekends (the overtime pay will come in handy!) as well as trying to get my department to run the way I want and taking exams (thanks for all the kind words and congratulations, by the way - I really appreciated them!)
About all I've had time for is Andy Skinner's Evil Elixir Mixer workshop.  I think I may be a Skinnerholic - after doing the Timeworn Techniques course I was so looking forward to this one and I haven't been disappointed.  The picture is of my first attempt and I'm quite pleased with how it turned out.  I already have my next one all planned out...
Thank you for visiting - I hope you enjoyed!