Sunday 6 February 2011

My Crafting "Nook"

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I admit it, craft stash has taken over my home. I have Really Useful Boxes full of stuff lining the walls in the back corridor; to non-crafters it must look terribly eccentric. You can barely move around our bedroom. But, in my defence, I am not alone in cluttering up the house – David also has hobbies (and refuses to let me throw out his collection on back issues of the Fortean Times.) Anyway, for Christmas I bought him a Kinect controller for his Xbox (which is like science fiction, you wave at it to control your Xbox – we are now officially living in the future!) So when he tried it out we found it didn’t have enough room in the bedroom for best operation. OK, I said, we’ll move it into the living room and move the old desktop PC into the bedroom (hardly ever use it these days) and I’ll move my craft work desk into the space where the PC was and we’ll get a new desk for your Xbox… I nearly killed myself putting the new desk together (mostly on my own – he was in work the day it was delivered and I didn’t want to spend all weekend stepping over the flat pack box!) but afterwards had loads of fun reorganising everything in my new “Crafting nook”. I still have stuff all over the flat but the stuff I use regularly is now is easy reach and my living room, at least, can be tidied quickly if visitors are expected!

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