Monday 1 April 2013

A Cameo Appearance!

I knew as soon as I saw the Tim Holtz Alterations Cameo Frame that it was going to be one of my favourites.  There's just something about the shape that says "days of Yore".  And the movers and shapers ovals work so well within the shape...I just LOVE it! 

So, I've been playing.  I started by embossing some Kraft card (some packaging material, as a matter of fact) with an embossing folder, then once I'd die cut the frame I gave it an undercoat of off-white acrylic paint.  (I was aiming for a ceramic effect, but it didn't work out that way!) I love this embossing folder - it's got a real William Morris feel about it, and I do so like William Morris...
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Once it was dry, I gave it a few layers of very well-watered paint to antique it, dry brushed  the highlights, and repeated until I was happy with the effect.   (In real life, it's a warmer colour than it looks in the photo.) The Kraft card I'd started with gave it a texture that was a bit like wood, so  I abandoned the idea of making it look like ceramic and gave it a couple of coats of Klear floor wax (now called Pledge Multi-Surface wax).  It doesn't really show in the photo, but the Klear gives it a lovely satin finish.  I die- cut a piece of chipboard for the backing, and glued a strut from the same material to the back of it.  Once I added the photo and glued it all together, the job was done!   
So -as I was inspired by William Morris to put this together, I will enter it into the "Inspired By" challenge at the  Anything But A Card Blog challenge.

(The photo is of  me, aged three.  I'm wearing a dress my sister made for me, and strangely enough, I remember it- it was turquoise blue cotton, and she did the smocking on it herself.   Isn't it funny how some things stay with you? )
Anyway, I will be making more of these little frames and will show them to you as they're done. I do hope you enjoyed your visit here - thank you for stopping by, and please do call again!


Jenny Marples said...

As a fellow Morris fan I love this Keren. Would love to know what the embossing folder is. Hugs, Jenny x

Keren Howell said...

Hi Jenny - it;s called Blossom - see here - said...

Hello Keren,
William Morris certainly created some worndul designs and you have nailed this beautiful piece in the "spirit of"
Thank You for joining us at Anything But A card this challenge!

MJ's Kraze said...

Great frame. I love the embossing. Thanks for playing along at ABAC.

Julia S-W said...

Your frame is stunning Keren and from one Morris fan to another, I know exactly why you are so inspired by him. His work and life are an obsession of mine so thank you for sharing this with us. Some wonderful effects on your frame - funny how we start with one idea in our mind and it evolves to something which is often really successful, just like this frame.
Your photo is stunning - how I love images like these and as it is you, it means so much more.
Thanks so much for joining us at Anything But A Card for this challenge.
Enjoy the rest of your weekend.