Sunday 22 September 2013


Sometimes it takes me a while to think of how I'm going to tackle a blog challenge, but once the idea dawns the project goes quickly.  Other times I have an idea but it takes a while to come together.  When I saw that this month's theme at Sandee and amelie's Steampunk Challenge Blog was " Dolls & Robots", I knew immediately what I wanted to do.

So here is Ro-box, big brother of last month's Matchbot.  He's based on two papier-mache boxes with half a polystyrene sphere stuck onto the lid of the top one.  I remembered some sheets of craft metal in copper and brass languishing at the bottom of the drawer and hauled it out,  and  embossed with Tim Holtz embossing folders - Diamond Plate and Riveted Metal (They come in the same set).
To cover the dome, I embossed the copper foil , stuck double-sided adhesive sheet on the back, and then cut it apart at strategic intervals.  Then I curved each piece over the polystyrene, starting at the bottom.  I covered the rim of the lid with brass craft metal, punched holes at intervals, and put paper-fasteners (big brads!) from the stationer's through them.

I stuck the base of the upper box to the lid of the lower one and covered them both with embossed metal.  I stuck wooden wheels onto bits of dowel, painted them black, wrapped Kraft card around the axles and stuck the card onto the base of the box, making sure that the axles could still turn.  I stuck bead caps on as hubcaps.

The robot's arms are based on wide-diameter drinking straws (the bendy kind) with sections ofgave him an old pencil and covered with the same metal.  I poked holes in the side of the upper box and pushed a little blob of milliput through to hold them in place.  The hands are moulded,rather inexpertly, from more milliput.

Once Ro-box was all put together I gave him a few coats of black acrylic paint wash and a few dabs of Patina Gilder's paste, die cut some dials and plates, stuck a few dewdrops (coloured with alcohol inks) onto paper fasteners for lights and went for a lie down.
And there he is.  He looks well-used, I think.  I rather like him and I hope you do as well.

Crafty hugs,



Creepy Glowbugg said...

Ack! I just adore Ro-box!! So clever and inspiring!!

Elly said...

Omg...Your Ro - box could be a designed for StarWars. A very cool brother of r2d2. I am impressed!!!(:o)

Claudia N. said...

Oh My Gosh - this is sensational! I LOVE IT! Absolutely brilliant in the making and I love every little detail on it!

Thank you so much for sharing this awesome piece of altered art with us at SanDee&amelie's Steampunk Challenges!

die amelie - Claudia x

Redanne said...

Oh my goodness Keren, this is a fabulous creation, I love everything about him. Wow. Fantastic work! Hugs, Anne x

Tina said...

Wowwwwwww what a stunning creation, love everything about him.

Hugs Tina

Felix the Crafty Cat said...

What a fantastic creation, loveing him to bits, angela x

Mikaela said...

love it! it looks like a2d2!

Meresanth said...

A stunning project! Looks as if it was 'alive'! Love it!

Maura said...

This is so cool! Amazing robot,