Wednesday 7 November 2012

WOYWW- 7 November

For once I'm not rushing my contribution to WOYWW in between coming home from work and rushing out the door to my dance class (it's Samba and Foxtrot at the moment, two flippin' hard dances, and not helped by the fact that the Love of My Life loathes Samba with a passion!). 
I'm halfway through a week off work.  Next week I will be taking a challenging course, so right now I'm relaxing and making the most of the crafting time!

Yesterday's contribution was a pretty blue card;  today normal service is resumed and the grunge is making a comeback.

Thes little papier mache frames will be given the timeworn treatment eventually, but at the moment the flatback pearl "rivets" are drying.  Once they are dry I will roughen them up with some sandpaper so that the next layer will stick to them - I may even give them a coat of a medium of some sort as I am probably going to cover them with gilder's paste.  I'm aiming for a "porthole of a ship" effect this time.

Now I'm off to post this, link to Julia's blog, and go whizzing around the blogiverse visiting other peoples' workdesks.  See you soon!


Minxy said...

I was about to comment on how un'grungy these disc's looked but then read your gonna do a bit of timeworn magic and it all became clear. look forward to seeing how they turn out.
Hugz Minxy #1

Anonymous said...

love it! they will look great all grunged up! Happy woyww! Lindsay #16