Sunday 23 March 2014

Tim's 12 Tags - March

Time for Tim Holtz's tag for March. And after making Tim's list last month (you should have seen the happy dance I did!) and what with being in a state of shock,  I almost didn't do this one!  I really struggled with it.  The smudge stamping techniques was fun, and playing with the spritzer was cool as well, but the results weren't what I was hoping for.  I've mentioned elsewhere that I have a real phobia about birds (my husband has been known to rush home from a night out because the cat's caught a bird and I have barricaded myself in the bedroom and am sending increasingly panicky texts.)

I could have chosen another image but I couldn't think of anything spring-like enough in my stash.  I pressed on regardless and, do you know, once it was finished I quite liked it!  The photo doesn't quite do it justice - the colours are a bit more vibrant in real life.  Anyway, I'm still keeping up - now to see what April brings!



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