Monday 7 May 2012

Clogged Spritz Bottles…AAARGH!

I do like making my own background papers.  I need solitude though – I take over the whole living room and can’t be dodging around the Love of My Life while he tries to watch TV or use his computer while I’m spraying and splodging and laying bits of copy paper out to dry.  Worst of all is if he comes back early from Bowls and brings his mother in with him, and me covered in ink and not a square inch of floor space to stand on…
So anyway,  the last time I had the opportunity of a good session, I’d hauled out all my Starburst stains and Mica mists and chalk sprays and was ready to go when…THE CLOGGED SPRITZER MONSTER struck! 
Learn from my mistake.  Store spray bottles on their sides if they contain anything that separates out into a sediment.  The sediment gets into the little tube inside and once it gets into the spray head, you’ve got trouble.  OK, I could get new bottles from Ebay (and I did) but I would rather spend my cash on crafting goodies. 
So before I took the step of putting the new spray caps onto my bottles, I did some research into how to unclog the spray nozzles – and it seems that the thing to try is soaking the caps in white vinegar.  So I tried  it.
After 4 hours, I can report some success.  The advice is to leave them overnight, but so far all the little tubes have unclogged and four spray heads.  The Cosmic Shimmer chalks are taking longest – the Special Touch micas have come up nicely as have the Moonshadow mists.  I’ll keep you informed but so far it’s looking good!

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