Thursday 16 August 2012

Playing with Terra

Well, I had a go at making flowers using paper that I'd painted with Viva Terra, and I have to say that I'm rather pleased with how they turned out!  I  left the centre of each flower die-cut unpainted as you can't see that bit when the flower is assembled and it made it easier to glue.  I used hot glue - and built the roses up on the end of a cotton-wool bud (after chopping off the cotton wool - if you leave it on the glue stick to the cotton wool and the whole thing comes off the stick! 

I treated the picture frame (a cheapie from IKEA) with another colours, mixed on the frame with a sponge.

The photo is of Craft Supervisor Mysti when we met her for the first time.  Little did we know, on first acquaintance with this sweet little kitten, that she had a whim of steel!  Her registered name is Bootilicious;  I thought about the visit to the vet and the moment when they call out your pet's name and decided we'd change it.  We toyed with calling her Boadicea, but decided it wouldn't be suitable for such a sweet, gentle little thing.  Boadicea would have been a very good name for her, as it turned out.  I think she looks good in the frame, though.

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Jenny Marples said...

Even back then you can see that look in her eyes - you know the one, I WILL get my way! Such a great frame for her. Love the way you have created those flowers. They compliment the frame so well. Hugs, Buttons x

karen said...

oooh, your flowers turned out beautifully! I was just at your WOYWW post and was hoping I would get to see the finished flowers! Wow, they are really fabulous as is the whole frame! And your kitty was adorable as a liitle ball of fluff!
xoxo Karen

Gio said...

This frame and the roses are very sweet and now interesting.
Your furry supervisor is adorable!