Sunday 10 March 2013

Mothering Sunday

The Third Sunday in Lent is Mothering Sunday - it was the day when people were supposed to return to their "Mother Church" to worship.  Servants were given the day off to go home and visit their families for the purpose - in many cases this would be the only opportunity they had all year.  They would pick wild flowers on the way - originally these were to decorate the church, but later became a gift for their mothers.  These days it's become known as Mother's Day in the UK.

My mother is no longer with us;  she passed away a few years ago (aged 92).  However, my mother-in-law is still very much in the land of the living, and this is the card I made for her. 

Did I get anything?  Well, I got a lovely card from the cat, and one from my in-laws cat as well.  And some of my favourite choccies.  All this, and breakfast in bed!


ria gall said...

this has such a pretty vintage look to it and is beautiful

Jenny Marples said...

Love this Keren. Beautiful layering and gorgeous flowers. Hugs, Jenny x

Julia S-W said...

Gorgeous card Keren and how lovely to read again about the history behind Mothering Sunday. I no longer have my Mum either but my daughter sent a lovely card, some choccies and gorgeous flowers. The cat didn't bother but I got breakfast in bed too. Not a bad life is it?!

Redanne said...

A really lovely card Keren, love that doily background and the beautiful flowers. So glad that you got spoiled too. A x