Saturday 1 September 2012

Altered Tin

Not a clever blog title but my brain has gone on holiday after an unusually stressful day in work (I won't bore you with the details - suffice it to say that, at one point,  the Police had to be called to remove a customer who was refusing to leave the premises!). I'm lucky that my hobby keeps me sane(ish)!

Here's the tin that could be spotted lurking on my desk on Wednesday.  The latest challenge for the Stamp Man Challenge Blog is to alter something and as I have a number of these tins that I use to keep by crafting bits in (they came with coffee in originally) I thought I'd give one a makeover.

To begin with, I stripped the paint from the tin.  I use a brilliant gel paint stripper (Home Strip Paint and Varnish Stripper) that's not caustic, smells pleasant and cleans up with water, and does an AMAZING job, but it struggled a bit with the paint on this one.  I was determined, however, and once it was back to the bare metal I sponged on a couple of light coats of gesso, and once that was dry, I painted the tin brown.

While that was drying, I splodged some Distress Inks in various shades of brown onto my craft mat, sprayed them with water and smooshed them (technical term) about a bit, then spread a sheet of white tissue paper over it to pick up the colours.  (This tin needed one A4 piece for the tin itself and another A5 bit for the lid)

When it was all good and dry, I spread PVA glue over the whole thing, covered it with the tissue paper, allowing it to wrinkle , and then put another coat of PVA on top so that it was well and truly stuck on, and left it to dry.  I sponged another thin layer of PVA over it to make sure it was sealed and to give it some texture, and put it to one side while I thought about what I was going to do next!

After a couple of days drying time, I inked up the Harlequin texture mat with gold Brilliance ink and rolled the tin over it and added the embellishments.   (Though tempted, I refrained from adding flowers).  I think it's going to look good on my desk, and it'll keep my odds and ends under control - I hope!


Jenny Marples said...

Great technique for altering this fab tin Keren. Love the result and agree, it didn't need anything else adding. Wow but are we gonna have posh looking desks at this rate!! Hope you have a great weekend and more peaceful week next week. Hugs, Buttons x

Julia S-W said...

Me again! Back to join as a follower - Andy's class must stick together! Actually, I really like your work and want to find you again!