Friday 20 July 2012

Tragedy has Struck!

This week's Sunday Stampers challenge theme (set by Hels Sheridan) is "Embellishments"  and oh boy, did I struggle with this one!

For one thing, inspiration deserted me.  I just couldn't get a handle on the theme.  I eventually came up with this card; it would have been my sister-in-law's birthday card but it wasn't finished in time (so we chose one from The Box for her - you know The Box? The one where all the finished projects go?)

Then my treasured Vagabond upped and died on me.  Yesterday it was working fine, happily cutting out the die cuts you see on the card.  Today I switched it on to cut the scalloped oval at the front and - nothing.  Nowt.  Not even a whirr, so I was forced to fall back upon my faithful Big Shot (thank heavens I hadn't put it on Ebay!)

The Love of My Life, bless him, was all for jumping in the car and rushing round to Hobbycraft to buy a replacement.  I want to think first about whether or not to replace the Vagabond with another one (it would be my third - the first was under guarantee when it popped its clogs) or go for a Grand Calibur. 

Decisions, decisions!


Jenny Marples said...

Keren this is beautiful, and it doesn't look like you've struggled, but know what you mean. Sometimes Mr Mojo does a bit of a vanishing act, so I also use 'the box'!
Don't know whether this helps but I opted for a Grand Calibur and love it. Manual yes, less to break yes. And if so Joy Travaille plates (inc. the blue ones) fit and are cheaper.
Anyway, hope you get it sorted soon. Hugs, Buttons x

Redanne said...

Keren, I love your card, it is beautiful, the colours are wonderful, the flowers and other embellies work so well with it. I use a 'box' too, great to have one for emergencies or when I get a commission and just can't think of any ideas! I have an electronic Big Shot and love it (also a Cuttlebug). Neither has plates that will take the huge nesties but I don't have much call for them anyway. Good luck with your choice. Anne x

Hels Sheridan said...

Oh I feel for you hun, I am on my second one... I LOVE my Vagabond but can't help but worry that it is going to conk out any second. Sorry to hear you had another one go! I think your card is gorgeous btw... loving the rolled flowers, so cute! Thanks for joining in with the Sunday STamper x said...

Hi hope you don't mind me butting in here. I know how you feel, had a bit of a dry spell myself lately. I love this card and I absolutely love your Blog pictures. I started with the cuttlebug, which I still use sometimes. But every time give me the Grand Caliber - I love the Huge nesties they are the reason I bought the Caliber because you were too restricted with size on the cuttlebug. Not tried the vagabond though. SAM