Friday 1 March 2013

Dragons and Daffodils

Dydd Gwyl Dewi Sant hapus - or, Happy Saint David's Day!  We make a big deal of our patron saint's feast day in Wales.  Everywhere you go, you will see people wearing daffodils (or leeks).  Children go to school wearing national dress, and will be taking part in school eisteddfodau, celebrating the Welsh language and culture. 

When I was in school, St David's Day was a half-day - we all got the afternoon off, which was a definite reason for celebration as far as we were concerned.  At the High School I attended, every other year we had a full-on Eisteddfod, with competitions in all sorts of activities (not just music and Welsh poetry) - art, needlework, public speaking, as well as just about everything on the curriculum.  The half-holidays are no more, but the celebration of our culture continues.

So today, rather than my usual mucking-about-with-card-and-ink type of project, I'm sharing a digital scrapbook page I made a couple of years ago.  The Welsh flag is the Red Dragon, and Rugby is a national obsession.  And James Hook is one of my favourite Rugby players (even if he has left the Ospreys, sob, sob - but we still have Adam Jones!)  Normal service will be resumed later, meanwhile, I'm off to make some cawl (lamb soup) like my Nan used to!


Redanne said...

A lovely tribute to St David's Day Keren. My David, although not Welsh, likes to think that today is his day and we always have lamb as a salute to our Welsh friends. Hope you have a lovely day! Hugs, Anne x

Almo said...

Happy St. David's Day Keren, love the daffodils, reminds me that spring is just around the corner. Hugs Mo x