Sunday 6 May 2012

Bank Holiday Weekend Blog Catch-up

Had a really fun week, folks.  It began with my third ever migraine.  I had my first about 18 months ago (and was scared silly – it started with a disturbance in my vision and I thought I was having a stroke!).  Migraine is not just a headache – in fact, the headache only lasted a couple of hours and was manageable – it’s the feeling zonked for days afterwards that gets me.  Migraine began on Saturday, it was Thursday before I felt alive again.  Luckily, I was able to take some leave from work, but it’s slowed me down a bit.
Anyway, I did manage to finish my Ferro/Croco fabric flowers. 
The gold one will be used as an embellishment on the Following the Paper Trail Curio Cabinet that I’m making at the moment.  I am such a fan of Laura Denison!  At present I’m collecting supplies (payday was Monday!) and cutting out the board to make the cabinet.  Not sure where the blue one will go.
I finished the Circle Dissolve card template and will be posting a how-to slideshow on YouTube as soon as I can get it organised. 
Circle dissolve1
This one is best done in a firm card.  The weak point is the tab so you might want to reinforce it a bit.  It is quite fiddly so it’s worth having a few trial runs before you attempt it on a project.  If you'd like the Silhouette Studio file it can be downloaded from the cutting files page.
I had the idea for these Polymer clay pendants after I saw some similar ones made out of Friendly Plastic.  I had to do the Welsh flag (of course) but had a go at the Union Flag as well.  They were fresh from the oven here;  I’ve since given them a bit of a polish and a coating of Klear floor polish;  the Klear gives them a lovely shine.
Just have to add the bails and chain now and I’m ready for the Jubilee!

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