Sunday 15 April 2012

Lady Ermintrude’s Portmanteau

Have I mentioned Lady Ermintrude?  Lady E (Ermintrude Duffryn-Felix,  that is) is my Steampunk alter-ego.  She’s a plucky gel, ready to pop off with her husband, Major Tom Felix, for a spot of dinosaur-hunting in the Forgotten Valley or for a jaunt in the Nautilus with Capt. Nemo.

(Are you worried about me yet?  I am.)

Anyway, this is Lady E’s trunk in miniature.  It’s adapted from a pattern that I bought from Following The Paper Trail.  It’s intended to hold mini albums and very clear instructions for making them are included.  Well worth the money. 



Lady E keeps her jewellery in the top of the trunk (and I keep my Tim Holtz Distress Stains in the bottom – we have an arrangement about sharing).  This necklace was inspired by a voyage on the Nautilus..


Tim Holtz sprocket gears and an octopus pendant found in Hobbycraft feature in this piece.  Actually, I’m thinking of adding some gorgeous peacock-blue AB crystals between the sprockets….mmmm….

All blogged out for a bit…see you soon…

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