Saturday 28 April 2012

More catch-up, Cameo/Robo freebies, and blog candy!

Here I am again, playing catch-up with blogging my crafty creations.  The more I blog, the more I remember the completed projects tucked away in the various cwtchy corners of my overcrowded home!  It seems I can either blog or create...

This little book is made of chipboard from packaging, covered in velvet paper ( Me LOOOVE!) and lined with marbled paper ( by my fair hands – I adore this technique!), and finished off with Tim Holtz hardware.

The seahorse on this slide mailer is made of polymer clay, using the faux ivory recipe – you can find it here -  with foiling glue blodged on (technical term) after it was cooked and gilding flakes applied.

( I live by the sea – I can see the Bristol Channel from my living room window – so the sea does seem to creep into a lot of what I do, somehow….)
Now, having attracted your attention with the promise of Blog Candy, I am offering this rather chunky ATC in a shameless attempt to attract comments and followers!

If you’d like this ATC, which features Ultra-thick embossing, please follow me (if you don’t already do so) and leave a comment.  On Saturday 5 May I will choose a lucky winner. (I will be VERY SAD (sob, sob!) if no-one likes it so I am very nervous right now…please comment...please (makes puppy-dog eyes)...)

Cameo/Craft Robo files

I’ve set up a separate page for these.  I’ve added a couple more – I will be uploading pics of projects made using them – but wanted to get the files out there.  The Dissolving Card is proving quite popular and I am working on the circular version – watch this space!  I’ve also just uploaded two “Cut and fold”  lacé style files - a circle and a panel- that you might like.


Unknown said...

I found this through a google search, and wanted to say i LOVE this! So pretty! I'm really impressed by your creativity. Thanks for sharing those gorgeous pics.

Unknown said...

Oh btw, I was wondering if you ever sell your stuff on etsy.