Tuesday 10 April 2012

Playing with Ferro (and more Croco)

It’s a bit scary when you Google on a subject and get directed to your own blog.. which is what happened yesterday when I went looking for more Croco paints and techniques.  I had to order more (from Craft Barn) as I’m just having SO much fun with it lately.

My small but select band of followers have probably realised that I discover a technique and do it to death, then move on to something else.  My latest craze has been the Viva Croco paints on papier-mache faux book boxes – here are my latest efforts-


The butterfly book features  NEW COLOURS (hurrah!) ( I got some Platinum and Azure to add to the gold, copper, bronze, turquoise and blackberry I already had – and I’ve ordered some orange, thanks, Craft Barn)

Anyway, I got some Ferro paints from Create & Craft because they were in the sale – four BIG pots – and then sat there thinking, OK, what should I do with them?  My friend Google to the rescue again and I found this..

Thoroughly inspired, I die-cut some Tim Holtz gadget gears out of grey board (from packaging – I never throw out useable board!) and Ferro’d them.  I am well pleased with the result.


I then thought – I wonder if it’ll work on fabric?  So had to try it.  Result – yes, it does.  You get a heavy, flexible, piece.  Had to run that through my Vagabond as well..


Not wild about the colour – I used the colour that  I liked least in case it all went HORRIBLY wrong – but was happy with the result.  Back to Craft Barn for more colours as this is going to work so well in Steampunk stuff…

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